Annual No.17

3x3 Annual No. 17 Cover

Cover image by Stephan Schmitz

Welcome to our Online Gallery.

Annual No.17 is available for order at our online shop. The Annual is available in print or digital formats.


Show Chair

  • Christian Gralingen, illustrator/art director, Germany

Professional Show Judges

  • Benjamin Bours, art director, Apple
  • Victoria Bee, art director/illustrator, Belgium
  • Rafael Alvarez, illustrator, Germany
  • Tatsuro Kiuchi, illustrator, Japan
  • Emil Holmewood/Blood Bros, illustrator, New Zealand

Student Show Judges

  • Syndi Becker, design director, The Foundry
  • Cecilia Ruiz, illustrator
  • Thomas Danthony, illustrator, United Kingdom
  • Takahisa Hashimoto, illustrator, Japan
  • Natalie Pudalov, illustrator, Israel

Educator of the Year

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Gary Powell Young Illustrator Award

Read our interview with Gary Powell Young Illustrator Award winner Shuting Pan→

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