Professional Show No.12: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our professional show that are reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.12. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had 4 out of our 9 judges vote for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

Allen Crawford, Books


Ofra Amit, Corporate Communications
Lasse Skarbovik, Posters
Emma Vakarelova, Animation


Emiliano Ponzi, Covers
Otto Steininger, Covers


Natalya Balnova, Self-Promotion
Andre Carrilho, Comic/Cartoons
Peter Diamond, Books

Distinguished Merit

Scott Bakal, Books
Jody Hewgill, Editorial: Portraits
Paul Hoppe, Covers
Lasse Skarbövik, Advertising
Mark Smith, Covers


Liisa Aaltio, Unpublished
Monika Aichele, Greeting Cards
A.Richard Allen, Books
Bjoern Arthurs, Comic/Cartoons
Scott Bakal, Books
Scott Bakal, Editorial
Scott Bakal, Gallery
Anna And Elena Balbusso, Books
Anna And Elena Balbusso, Editorial: Conceptual
Anna And Elena Balbusso, Self-Promotion
Gregory Baldwin, Unpublished
Karen Barbour, Editorial
Karen Barbour, Unpublished
Jonathan Bartlett, Advertising
Melinda Beck, Corporate Communications
Melinda Beck, Covers
Melinda Beck*, Editorial
Dan Bejar, Editorial: Conceptual
Bellow , Books
Guy Billout, Corporate Communications
Guy Billout, Self-Promotion
Paul Blow, Editorial
Annalisa Bollini, Calendars
Francesco Bongiorni, Covers
Francesco Bongiorni, Editorial
Francesco Bongiorni*, Editorial: Travel
Jens Bonnke, Editorial
Calef Brown, Gallery
Nigel Buchanan, Corporate Communications
Nigel Buchanan*, Editorial: Portraits
Daniel Bueno, Covers
Daniel Bueno, Posters
Andre Carrilho, Editorial: Portraits
Matt Chase, Editorial: Conceptual
Eszter Chen, Self-Promotion
Ella Cohen, Advertising
Ella Cohen, Corporate Communications
Alain Corbel, Editorial
Sara Corbett, Self-Promotion
Ailadi Cortelletti, Editorial: Lifestyle
Cristiana Couceiro, Editorial
Pedro Covo, Unpublished
Brian Danaher, Posters
Steven Darden, Textiles & Patterns
Jeffrey Decoster, Editorial: Portraits
Mai Ly Degnan, Textiles & Patterns
Mai Ly Degnan, Unpublished
Federica Del Proposto, Advertising
Peter Diamond, Editorial
Rob Dunlavey, Unpublished
Half Dutch, Self-Promotion
Jean-Manuel Duvivier*, Editorial: Food & Beverage
Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Editorial: Travel
John S. Dykes, Calendars
John S. Dykes, Editorial
Evah Fan, Packaging
Lisk Feng, Unpublished
Barry Fitzgerald, Advertising
Justin Gabbard,* Editorial
Paul Garland, Covers
Beppe Giacobbe*, Editorial
Carlo Giambarresi, Self-Promotion
Michael Glenwood*, Unpublished
Igor Gnedo, Posters
Joanna Gniady, Posters
Aad Goudappel, Editorial: Conceptual
Daniel Gray, Self-Promotion
Peter Greenwood, Editorial: Lifestyle
Rumi Hara, Unpublished
Takahisa Hashimoto, Corporate Communications
Oren Haskins, Self-Promotion
Heather Heckel, Editorial
Rebecca Hendin, Comic/Cartoons
Lars Henkel, Books
Jakob Hinrichs, Animation
Jakob Hinrichs, Editorial
Jakob Hinrichs, Editorial: Travel
Yohey Horishita, Covers
Rod Hunt, Advertising
Rod Hunt, Posters
Jordin Isip, Editorial
Eda Kaban, Advertising
Cassie Hart Kelly, Books
Luna Kirsche, Unpublished
Alice Kolb, Advertising
Jon Krause*, Editorial: Conceptual
Anita Kunz*, Editorial: Portraits
Anita Kunz, Gallery
Yenting Kuo, Books
Marie Lafrance, Self-Promotion
Harriet Lee-Merrion, Editorial: Travel
Mike Lowery, Editorial: Food & Beverage
Jens Magnusson, Advertising
Magoz*, Editorial: Conceptual
Sophia Martineck, Posters
Bill Mayer, Advertising
Bill Mayer*, Books
Bill Mayer, Calendars
Bill Mayer, Editorial
Bill Mayer, Editorial: Conceptual
Bill Mayer*, Unpublished
Curt Merlo, Self-Promotion
Aaron Meshon, Self-Promotion
Miguel Montaner, Editorial
Ian Murray, Calendars
Ian Murray, Self-Promotion
Robert Neubecker, Editorial
Robert Neubecker, Editorial: Conceptual
Robert Neubecker, Editorial: Lifestyle
Beibei Nie, Editorial: Conceptual
Kazuko Nomoto, Unpublished
John Parra, Corporate Communications
Filip Peraić, Editorial: Portraits
Valeria Petrone, Editorial
Valeria Petrone, Gallery
Emmanuel Polanco, Editorial
Emmanuel Polanco, Editorial: Conceptual
Giordano Poloni, Editorial
Emiliano Ponzi, Animation
Emiliano Ponzi*, Books
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial
Emiliano Ponzi*, Editorial: Conceptual
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial: Lifestyle
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial: Travel
Emiliano Ponzi, Gallery
Emiliano Ponzi, Posters
Miguel Porlan, Editorial
Andy Potts, Sci-Fi
Charlie Powell, Self-Promotion
Peter Ra, Self-Promotion
Neta Rabinovitch, Editorial: Portraits
Fatinha Ramos, Gallery
Toby Rampton, Textiles & Patterns
Jelena Ristic, Self-Promotion
Stephan Schmitz, Self-Promotion
Steve Simpson, Advertising
Mark Smith, Advertising
Mark Smith, Books
Mark Smith, Posters
Owen Smith, Gallery
Cristina Spanò, Editorial
Antony Squizzato, Posters
Otto Steininger, Posters
Otto Steininger, Unpublished
Katherine Streeter, Editorial
Stephanie Struse, Self-Promotion
Summerise, Textiles & Patterns
Ryo Takemasa*, Covers
Benoit Tardif, Advertising
Benoit Tardif, Books
Benoit Tardif*, Editorial
Benoit Tardif, Editorial: Sports
Benoit Tardif, Editorial: Travel
Jacob Thomas, Unpublished
Pol Turgeon, Advertising
Jean Tuttle, Gallery
Kirsten Ulve, Fashion
Aart-Jan Venema, Editorial
Klaas Verplancke, Editorial: Conceptual
Michael Waraksa, Unpublished
Taylor Wessling, Advertising
Stephanie Wunderlich, Editorial: Lifestyle
James Yang, Animation
James Yang, Corporate Communications
James Yang, Editorial*: Conceptual
James Yang*, Posters
Xiaohua Yang, Editorial: Conceptual
Carlos Zamora, Posters
Natalia Zaratiegui*, Covers
Daniel Zender, Editorial: Conceptual

Honorable Mention

Marion Arbona, Posters
Maria Cecilia Azzali, Covers
Anna And Elena Balbusso, Editorial: Conceptual
Gregory Baldwin, Editorial
Allison Bamcat, Textiles & Patterns
Karen Barbour*, Unpublished
Hanna Barczyk, Editorial
Florian Bayer, Editorial
Elenia Beretta, Unpublished
Jon Berkeley, Editorial: Portraits
Davide Bonazzi, Posters
Tuna Bora, Self-Promotion
Alon Braier, Advertising
David M. Brinley, Self-Promotion
Daniel Bueno, Unpublished
Thomas Burns, Editorial: Sports
Jill Calder, Gallery
Nan Cao, Unpublished
Andre Carrilho, Comic/Cartoons
João Vaz De Carvalho, Unpublished
Kira Chaimanova, Gallery
Matt Chase, Editorial
Chiu Ling Chen, Books
Chu-Li Chen, Editorial: Travel
Francesco Ciccolella, Advertising
Allison Cole, Textiles & Patterns
Cameron Cottrill, Editorial: Travel
Benedetto Cristofani, Editorial: Conceptual
Benedetto Cristofani, Editorial: Portraits
Brian Danaher, Posters
Federica Del Proposto, Editorial: Food & Beverage
Maëlle Doliveux, Editorial
David Doran, Editorial: Conceptual
Rob Dunlavey, Unpublished
Tom Engler, Editorial: Portraits
Dan Des Eynon, Gallery
Janosch Feiertag, Posters
Barry Fitzgerald, Gallery
Justin Gabbard, Packaging
Owen Gildersleeve, Editorial: Travel
Joanna Gorham, Books
Joanna Gorham, Self-Promotion
Peter Greenwood, Self-Promotion
Tyler Gross, Self-Promotion
Irma Gruenholz, Self-Promotion
Julene Harrison, Advertising
Takahisa Hashimoto, Self-Promotion
Adam Hayes, Unpublished
Heather Heckel, Editorial
Jody Hewgill, Editorial
Jody Hewgill, Editorial: Conceptual
Angela Keoghan, Editorial: Lifestyle
Angela Keoghan, Unpublished
Bartosz Kosowski, Posters
Corey Lansdell, Animation
Jason Lin*, Self-Promotion
Jerry Lofaro, Self-Promotion
Thoka Maer, Animation
Magoz*, Editorial: Conceptual
Magoz , Self-Promotion
Marco Marella, Greeting Cards
Bill Mayer, Advertising
Bill Mayer, Books
Bill Mayer, Unpublished
Richard Mia, Editorial: Conceptual
René Milot, Self-Promotion
Hsu Ming Hung, Editorial
Ian Murray, Editorial: Portraits
Vidhya Nagarajan, Editorial
Robert Neubecker, Editorial: Lifestyle
Donough O' Malley, Editorial: Food & Beverage
Tim O’Brien, Books
James Olstein, Editorial: Travel
Dan Page, Editorial: Conceptual
Jim Paillot, Self-Promotion
Valeria Petrone, Self-Promotion
Zara Picken, Gallery
Matthew Pleva, Unpublished
Emmanuel Polanco, Editorial
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial
Inga Poslitur, Editorial
Andy Potts, Animation
Charlie Powell, Editorial: Lifestyle
Natalie Pudalov, Unpublished
James Reid, Sci-Fi
Carolyn Ridsdale, Self-Promotion
Josè Sala, Posters
Koichi Sato, Self-Promotion
Boris Séméniako, Covers
Mark Smith, Editorial: Sports
Steven Tabbutt, Gallery
Ryo Takemasa, Covers
Jo Tronc, Tessa Monash, Three-Dimensional
Sebastien Thibault*, Editorial: Conceptual
Mike Tofanelli, Unpublished
Jean Tuttle, Unpublished
Sara Tyson, Editorial: Conceptual
Aron Vellekoop León, Editorial
Klaas Verplancke*, Editorial: Conceptual
Marco Wagner, Editorial
Franziska Walther, Advertising
Michael Waraksa, Editorial
Andy Ward, Covers
Patrick Widmer, Comic/Cartoons
Alyssa Winans*, Self-Promotion
Stephanie Wunderlich, Editorial
Kaoru Yamada, Editorial: Lifestyle
Choong Yoon, Self-Promotion
Yeji Yun, Calendars
Yeji Yun, Posters
Lee Zakai, Unpublished
Pawel Zawislak, Self-Promotion
Andrew Zbihlyj, Editorial: Portraits