Professional Show Winners No.15: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our Professional Show that are reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.15. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site and will have their name listed in the printed Annual.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

Simon Shaw, Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, David Way, Animation


Keith Negley, Editorial
Elisa Talentino, Animation
Klaas Verplancke, Editorial


Melinda Beck, Animation
Peter Diamond, Books*
Brian Stauffer, Editorial


Davide Bonazzi, Self-Promotional
Chiara Ghigliazza, Posters
Katherine Lam, Editorial

Distinguished Merit

Nigel Buchanan, Editorial
Andre Carrilho, Books
Owen Davey, Books
Joey Guidone, Corporate Communications
Soomyeong Kim, Books
Keith Negley, Editorial


Gary Aagaard, Gallery*
Amory Abbott, Gallery
Dalia Adillon, Books
Kyoung-Mi Ahn, Self-Promotional
Christina Baeriswyl, Editorial*
Anna And Elena Balbusso Twins, Unpublished
Natalya Balnova, Books
Davide Baroni, Self-Promotional
Melinda Beck, Editorial*
Wesley Bedrosian, Editorial
Elisabetta Benfatto, Sequential/Comics*
Coralie Bickford-Smith, Books
Ed Binkley, Unpublished
Bartek Bojarczuk / illCAT, Packaging
Bomboland, Posters
Giulio Bonasera, Sequential/Comics
Giulio Bonasera, Unpublished*
Davide Bonazzi, Editorial
Davide Bonazzi, Self-Promotional*
Federica Bordoni, Advertising
Federica Bordoni, Animation
Federica Bordoni, Editorial
Mark Borgions, Gallery
Cait Brennan, Unpublished
Brian Britigan, Gallery
Owen Brozman, Unpublished
Nigel Buchanan, Editorial*
Thomas Burns, Unpublished
Michael Byers, Editorial
Cecilia Campironi, Unpublished
Ivan Canu, Covers
Nan Cao, Self-Promotional
Maria Carluccio, Textile/Patterns
Andre Carrilho, Editorial*
Robert Carter, Editorial
Robert Carter, Self-Promotional
Panyeung Chan, Advertising
Angel Chang, Self-Promotional*
Paohan Chen, Self-Promotional
Yi-Ting Chen, Unpublished
Ying-Hsiu Chen, Posters
Chiaos, Books
Matt Asher Chinworth, Editorial
Eric Chow, Editorial
Jennahyun Chung, Animation
Livia Cives, Covers
Allison Cole, Textile/Patterns
Fabio Consoli, Covers
Fabio Consoli, Posters
Mirko Cresta, Editorial
Brian Danaher, Advertising
Brian Danaher, Posters*
Owen Davey, Editorial
Fabrizio De Tommaso, Covers
David Dean, Covers
Stephane Defago, Unpublished*
Alice Yu Deng, Editorial
Alice Yu Deng, Unpublished*
Jialun Deng, Unpublished
IC4Design, Advertising*
IC4Design, Posters
Peter Diamond, Books
Peter Diamond, Unpublished
Nathalie Dion, Editorial
Sandra Dionisi, Editorial
Sandra Dionisi, Unpublished
John S. Dykes, Advertising*
Lisa Falkenstern, Gallery
Lisa Falkenstern, Posters
Barry Fitzgerald, Gallery
Adrian Forrow, Advertising
Adrian Forrow, Editorial
Riley Frambes, Unpublished
Kathrin Frank, Advertising
Norbert Fuckerer, Self-Promotional
Marly Gallardo, Editorial
Marly Gallardo, Unpublished
Chang Gao, Unpublished
Hatiye Garip, Gallery
Paul Garland, Posters
Federico Gastaldi, Editorial
Federico Gastaldi, Posters
Beppe Giacobbe, Editorial*
Carlo Giambarresi, Editorial
Eric Giriat, Gallery
Esther Goh, Books
Esther Goh, Packaging
Aad Goudappel, Books
Aad Goudappel, Covers
Aad Goudappel, Editorial
Christian Gralingen, Covers
Christian Gralingen, Editorial
Ilaria Grimaldi, Self-Promotional
Irma Gruenholz, Self-Promotional
Benjamin Guedel, Editorial*
Joey Guidone, Editorial
Shreya Gupta, Unpublished
Takahisa Hashimoto, Self-Promotional*
Lars Henkel, Covers
Min Heo, Unpublished
Mark Hess, Self-Promotional
Orphea Heutling, Books
Jody Hewgill, Animation
Jody Hewgill, Editorial*
Michael Hirshon, Unpublished*
Brad Holland, Advertising
Brad Holland, Editorial
Ginnie Hsu, Unpublished*
Dorothea Huber, Editorial
Rod Hunt, Animation
Rod Hunt, Editorial*
Jennifer Ilett, Unpublished
Sergio Ingravalle, Self-Promotional
Steve James, Self-Promotional
Phillip Janta, Posters
Richard Johnson, Posters
Ryan Johnson, Editorial
Juneshain, Unpublished
Igor Karash, Unpublished*
Gwen Keraval, Editorial
Artsy Kiddo, Self-Promotional
Manuel Kilger, Gallery
Grace Heejung Kim, Editorial
Hokyoung Kim, Editorial
Bartosz Kosowski, Posters
Bartosz Kosowski, Unpublished
Avery Kua, Editorial
Anita Kunz, Gallery*
Anita Kunz, Unpublished
Melanie Lambrick, Unpublished
Conor Langton, Gallery
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, Animation
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, Self-Promotional
Chu-Chieh Lee, Gallery
Chu-Chieh Lee, Self-Promotional
Chu-Chieh Lee, Textile/Patterns
Mikyung Lee, Self-Promotional
Sohyun Lee, Books
Yawen Li, Unpublished
Melissa Ling, Editorial
Jeff Lowry, Editorial
Njål Lunde, Gallery
Chris Lyons, Posters
Diego Mallo, Self-Promotional
Wenkai Mao, Unpublished*
Bill Mayer, Editorial
Bill Mayer, Gallery
Bill Mayer, Posters*
Stuart Mcreath, Self-Promotional
Matija Medved, Editorial
Matija Medved, Posters
Luc Melanson, Corporate Communications
Luc Melanson, Sequential/Comics
Rosanna Merklin, Self-Promotional
Alice Mollon, Self-Promotional
Mr.Papriko, Editorial
Ian Murray, Self-Promotional
MYU, Gallery
Robert Neubecker, Editorial*
Yin Shian Ng, Posters
Beibei Nie, Books
Jennifer Nye-Brown, Textile/Patterns
Colleen O'Hara, Editorial
Hyojin Paik, Unpublished
Yi Pan, Editorial
Yi Pan, Self-Promotional*
Federico Paoli, Editorial
Eric Petersen, Editorial
Daria Petrilli, Self-Promotional
Valeria Petrone, Editorial*
Valeria Petrone, Packaging
Antonio Giovanni Pinna, Covers
Antonio Giovanni Pinna, Self-Promotional
Antonio Giovanni Pinna, Unpublished
Aimee Pong, Sequential/Comics
Andy Potts, Animation
Andy Potts, Editorial
Bad Preacher, Advertising
Bad Preacher, Self-Promotional
Bad Preacher, Sequential/Comics
Daniel Pudles, Posters
Nani Puspasari, Self-Promotional
Joseph Qiu, Editorial
Enrique Quintero, Editorial
Anna Lorenza Resmini, Posters
Christine Rhee, Unpublished
Bailie Rosenlund, Unpublished
Simone Rotella, Editorial
Feifei Ruan, Advertising
Feifei Ruan, Covers
Natalie Russo, Self-Promotional
Kouzou Sakai, Editorial
Leonardo Santamaria, Editorial
Stephan Schmitz, Editorial
Stephan Schmitz, Unpublished
Marta Sevilla, Editorial
Aehyun Shin, Unpublished
Darya Shnykina, Books
Lasse Skarbovik, Corporate Communications
Lasse Skarbovik, Editorial
Lasse Skarbovik, Gallery
Ronald Slabbers, Editorial
Mark Smith, Covers*
Sooriangoon, Self-Promotional
Antonio Sortino, Editorial
Barbara Spurll, Self-Promotional
Nancy Stahl, Posters
Brian Stauffer, Corporate Communications
Brian Stauffer, Editorial*
Brian Stauffer, Gallery
Brian Stauffer, Unpublished
Otto Steininger, Animation
Dale Stephanos, Self-Promotional*
Ryo Takemasa, Covers*
Ryo Takemasa, Editorial
Ryo Takemasa, Packaging
Studio Takeuma, Self-Promotional
Siyue Tan, Self-Promotional
Carson Ting, Corporate Communications
Mike Tofanelli, Unpublished
Nguyen Tran, Unpublished
Grace Tsai, Unpublished
Sara Tyson, Posters
Heather Vaughan, Books
Klaas Verplancke, Animation
Klaas Verplancke, Editorial
Michael Waraksa, Editorial
Michael Waraksa, Gallery
Michael Wertz, Posters*
Michael Wertz, Self-Promotional*
Michael Wertz, Textile/Patterns
Benjamin Wheatley, Unpublished
Moritz Wienert, Editorial
Carl Wiens, Unpublished
Stephanie Wunderlich, Editorial
Huiyun Yang, Unpublished
James Yang, Corporate Communications
James Yang, Unpublished
Hideko Yasu, Three-Dimensional
Ning I Yen, Advertising
Yao Yu, Gallery
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers
Andrew Zbihlyj, Editorial
Lei Zhang, Self-Promotional
Wendi Zhang, Covers
Ping Zhu, Editorial
Ivan Zoric, Covers
Francesco Zorzi, Advertising

Honorable Mention

Leo Acadia, Editorial
Dalia Adillon, Covers
Gert Albrecht, Corporate Communications
Gert Albrecht, Self-Promotional
Sonia Alins, Gallery
Gurgen Aloian, Unpublished*
Simone Altamura, Self-Promotional
ASHI, Posters
ASHI, Sequential/Comics
Phillip Ashworth, Advertising
Christina Baeriswyl, Editorial
Elia Barbieri, Corporate Communications
Melinda Beck, Editorial*
Polly Becker, Advertising
Dan Bejar, Editorial*
Bekzin, Self-Promotional
Elisabetta Benfatto, Unpublished
Giulio Bonasera, Editorial
Giulio Bonasera, Unpublished*
Darren Booth, Packaging
Franco Brambilla, Covers
Brian Britigan, Editorial
Barry Bruner, Advertising
Fabio Buonocore, Posters
Maria Carluccio, Editorial
Faye Chan, Unpublished
Panyeung Chan, Covers
Pei Han Chen, Ephemera
Pei Han Chen, Packaging
Yi-Ting Chen, Unpublished
Matt Asher Chinworth, Covers
Matt Asher Chinworth, Editorial
Andrea Chronopoulos, Editorial
Christina Chung, Editorial
Livia Cives, Covers
Livia Cives, Posters
Georgia Clark, Textile/Patterns
Allison Cole, Gallery
Allison Cole, Textile/Patterns
Fabio Consoli, Editorial*
Rob Cowan, Advertising*
Rob Cowan, Advertising
Giovanni Da Re, Editorial
Brian Danaher, Advertising
Brian Danaher, Posters*
Brian Danaher, Posters
Alice Yu Deng, Editorial
Alice Yu Deng, Self-Promotional
Alice Yu Deng, Unpublished
Peter Diamond, Unpublished
Sandra Dionisi, Editorial
Sandra Dionisi, Unpublished
Dana Duncan, Textile/Patterns
John S. Dykes, Self-Promotional
Terence Eduarte, Editorial
Lucy Elena Essex, Textile/Patterns
Lisa Falkenstern, Gallery*
Ashley Floreal, Gallery
Dave Follett, Editorial
Adrian Forrow, Animation
Adrian Forrow, Editorial
Lisa French, Covers
Norbert Fuckerer, Posters
Magge Gagliardi, Self-Promotional
Molly Gambardella, Three-Dimensional*
Paul Garland, Editorial
Federico Gastaldi, Posters
Martin Gee, Animation
Beppe Giacobbe, Editorial
Carlo Giambarresi, Editorial
Sara Gironi Carnevale, Editorial
Esther Goh, Three-Dimensional
Milica Golubovic, Self-Promotional
Aad Goudappel, Self-Promotional
Anna Grimal, Self-Promotional
Irma Gruenholz, Self-Promotional
Benjamin Guedel, Editorial
Juhae Haam, Books
Heather Heckel, Gallery
Jody Hewgill, Editorial
Jody Hewgill, Unpublished
Jamie Hogan, Unpublished*
Brad Holland, Books
Paul Hoppe, Editorial
Te Hu, Self-Promotional
Primary E Hughes, Editorial
Rod Hunt, Corporate Communications
Janne Iivonen, Editorial
Mariya Ilieva, Advertising
Sergio Ingravalle, Editorial
C Izundu, Unpublished
Maria Jimenez, Editorial
Rina Jost, Books
Jaye Kang, Self-Promotional
Igor Karash, Unpublished
Jenice Kim, Editorial
Daria Kirpach, Editorial
Leena Kisonen, Editorial
Elsa Klever, Unpublished
Christine Kornacki, Covers
Anita Kunz, Advertising
Anita Kunz, Editorial
Marie Lafrance, Posters
Mikyung Lee, Self-Promotional
Yi-Chen Lee, Editorial
Nick Levesque, Unpublished
Yuke Li, Self-Promotional
Liév, Editorial
Yulong Lli, Advertising
Charis Loke, Gallery
Blok Magnaye, Covers
Anna Masini, Self-Promotional
Michael Mateyko, Unpublished
Bill Mayer, Advertising
Bill Mayer, Editorial*
Bill Mayer, Unpublished
Matija Medved, Posters
Andrea Mongia, Editorial
Fausto Montanari, Unpublished
Miguel Montaner, Self-Promotional
Mosswater, Unpublished
Cody Muir, Unpublished
Ian Murray, Books
Ian Murray, Covers
Keiko Nabila Yamazaki, Self-Promotional
Keiko Nabila Yamazaki, Unpublished
Lydia Nichols, Gallery
Jhonny Núñez, Self-Promotional
Nick Ogonosky, Unpublished
Marcella Peluffo, Self-Promotional
Marta Pieczonko, Unpublished
Antonio Giovanni Pinna, Editorial
Antonio Giovanni Pinna, Unpublished
Svenja Plaas, Covers
Giordano Poloni, Covers
Giordano Poloni, Posters
Bad Preacher, Editorial
Liu Qi Li, Editorial
Sheng Qiang, Sequential/Comics
Enrique Quintero, Editorial
Patrick Regout, Posters
Nicole Riegert, Books
Emilio Rolandi, Textile/Patterns
Jessica Roux, Self-Promotional
Roberts Rurans, Posters
Leonardo Santamaria, Gallery
Leonardo Santamaria, Unpublished
Stephan Schmitz, Editorial
Stephan Schmitz, Unpublished
Isabel Seliger, Sequential/Comics
Boris Séméniako, Editorial
Marta Sevilla, Posters
Simon Shaw, Self-Promotional
Vladimir Shpitalnik, Covers
Daniele Simonelli, Unpublished
Lasse Skarbovik, Gallery
Mark Smith, Unpublished
Joe Snow, Editorial
Antonio Sortino, Editorial
Daniel Špaček, Posters*
Stranger Wolf, Unpublished
Takahiro Suganuma, Editorial
Ryo Takemasa, Covers
Ryo Takemasa, Self-Promotional
Binny Talib, Textile/Patterns
Peach Tao, Gallery
Mike Tofanelli, Editorial
Mike Tofanelli, Unpublished
Klaas Verplancke, Animation
Tyrell Waiters, Gallery
Vivian Wang, Unpublished
Patrick Widmer, Editorial
Patrick Widmer, Posters
Stephanie Wunderlich, Gallery
Wakana Yamazaki, Posters
Ellie Ji Yang, Unpublished
Huiyun Yang, Animation
Ning I Yen, Editorial
Brad Yeo, Corporate Communications
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers
Natalia Zaratiegui, Ephemera
Francesco Zorzi, Animation
Francesco Zorzi, Posters