Professional Show Winners No.14: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our Professional Show that are reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.14. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site and will have their name listed in the printed Annual.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

IC4Design, Advertising


Katarzyna Bogdanska, Textiles & Patterns
Rod Hunt, Advertising
Elisa Talentino, Books
Manuja Waldia, Covers


Patrick Doyon, Animation
James Gilleard, Self-Promotion
Jianrong Lin, Editorial
Enzo Lo Re, Animation
Ileana Soon, Unpublished


Melinda Beck, Posters
Siyu Cao, Textiles & Patterns
Ryan Garcia, Editorial
Menelaos Kouroudis, Covers
Emiliano Ponzi, Covers
Jhao-Yu Shih, Animation

Distinguished Merit

Owen Davey, Packaging
Yukai Du, Animation
Leon Edler, Editorial
Ellakookoo, Packaging
Logan Faerber, Covers
Esther Goh, Advertising
Feifei Ruan, Editorial
Steve Simpson, Advertising
Chen Winner, Animation


Gary Aagaard, Advertising
Sonia Alins, Gallery
Laura Anastasio, Advertising
Scott Anderson, Editorial
Scott Bakal, Gallery
Scott Bakal, Posters
Allison Bamcat, Textiles & Patterns
Melinda Beck, Corporate Communications
Melinda Beck, Editorial*
Dan Bejar, Editorial
Katarzyna Bogdanska, Editorial
Skye Bolluyt, Self-Promotion
Davide Bonazzi, Corporate Communications
Davide Bonazzi, Editorial
Davide Bonazzi, Greeting Cards
Davide Bonazzi, Packaging
Jens Bonnke, Editorial
Richard Borge, Editorial
Richard Borge, Packaging
Joana Rosa Bragança, Calendars
Dieter Braun, Gallery
Nigel Buchanan, Covers
Nigel Buchanan, Editorial*
Fabio Buonocore, Posters
Jill Calder, Editorial
Nan Cao, Self-Promotion
Andre Carrilho, Editorial*
Angel Chang, Self-Promotion
Eszter Chen, Advertising
Joro Chen, Books
Ying-Hsiu Chen, Posters
Marianne Chevalier, Gallery
Livia Cives, Self-Promotion
James Cohen, Covers
James Cohen, Sci-Fi
Allison Cole, Textiles & Patterns
Sandra Conejeros, Editorial
Inês Costa, Posters
Cameron Cottrill, Editorial
Mirko Cresta, Books
Giovanni Da Re, Editorial*
Alessandra De Cristofaro, Sequential
Mai Ly Degnan, Unpublished*
Sandra Dionisi, Unpublished
Sean Dockery, Advertising
Dogboy, Sci-Fi
John S. Dykes, Advertising
Leon Edler, Editorial
Ellakookoo, Unpublished
Pete Ellis, Advertising
Logan Faerber, Posters
Schorsch Feierfeil, Editorial
Aaron Fernandez, Editorial
Chris Ferrantello, Editorial
Tom Froese, Advertising
Norbert Fuckerer, Posters
Beppe Giacobbe, Editorial*
James Gilleard, Editorial
Igor Gnedo, Self-Promotion
Abigail Goh, Self-Promotion
Aad Goudappel, Editorial
Christian Gralingen, Editorial
Tyler Gross, Self-Promotion
Joey Guidone, Books
Joey Guidone, Editorial
Elizabeth Haidle, Graphic Novels
Olaf Hajek, Gallery
Olaf Hajek, Self-Promotion
Eron Hare, Unpublished
Christopher Harper, Self-Promotion
Takahisa Hashimoto, Self-Promotion
Kellen Hatanaka, Advertising
Heather Heckel, Self-Promotion
Caleb Heisey, Packaging
Lars Henkel, Advertising
Frank Hoppmann, Editorial
Oivind Hovland, Advertising
Oivind Hovland, Editorial*
Rod Hunt, Self-Promotion
IC4Design, Advertising
Sergio Ingravalle, Self-Promotion
Janta Island, Posters
Rina Jost, Animation
Gayle Kabaker, Editorial
John Kachik, Unpublished
Aya Kakeda, Three-Dimensional*
Johan Keslassy, Self-Promotion
Kiké, Books
Manuel Kilger, Gallery
Soomyeong Kim, Books
Soomyeong Kim, Calendars
Richard Klippfeld, Editorial
Bartosz Kosowski, Posters
Menelaos Kouroudis, Packaging
Olivier Kugler, Editorial
Olivier Kugler, Unpublished
Till Lauer, Posters
Kaliz Lee, Covers
Vic Lee, Corporate Communications
Vic Lee, Packaging
Ricky Leung, Unpublished
Nick Levesque, Unpublished
Jon Lezinsky, Editorial*
Hannah Li, Unpublished
Jing Li, Unpublished
Nancy Liang, Unpublished
Ahn N. Lim, Self-Promotion
Donghyun Lim, Covers
Donghyun Lim, Editorial
Jia Dong Lin, Unpublished
Jianrong Lin, Fashion
Nicholas Little, Animation*
Chris Lyons, Editorial
Pauliina Makela, Editorial
Diego Mallo, Covers
Tanya Marriott, Three-Dimensional
John Mavroudis, Editorial
Bill Mayer, Advertising
Bill Mayer, Books
Stuart Mcreath, Self-Promotion
Eugenia Trimarco, Corporate Communications
Fausto Montanari, Animation
Fausto Montanari, Unpublished
Miguel Montaner, Editorial
Tram Nguyen, Editorial
Ricardo Nunez Suarez, Books
Mayumi Oono, Covers
Yi Pan, Covers
Helena Perez Garcia, Self-Promotion
Daria Petrilli, Self-Promotion*
Valeria Petrone, Editorial
Zara Picken, Self-Promotion
Asia Pietrzyk, Self-Promotion
Luis Pinto, Covers
Robert Pizzo, Self-Promotion
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial*
Spooky Pooka, Unpublished
Andy Potts, Gallery
Natalie Pudalov, Editorial
Yuwei Qiu, Editorial
Fatinha Ramos, Editorial
NIcole Rifkin, Editorial
NIcole Rifkin, Unpublished
Bene Rohlmann, Editorial
Emilio Rolandi, Textiles & Patterns
Manuel Romero Sáenz, Self-Promotion
Merav Salomon, Graphic Novels
Stephan Schmitz, Books
Stephan Schmitz, Editorial
Thom Sevalrud, Editorial
Lasse Skarbovik, Gallery
Mark Smith, Books
Ileana Soon, Gallery
Carlo Stanga, Editorial
Studio Takeuma, Gallery
Kati Szilagyi, Books
Kati Szilagyi, Unpublished
Jacqueline Tam, Textiles & Patterns
Shaun Tan, Unpublished
Tang Tang, Editorial*
Sebastien Thibault, Editorial*
Marc Torices, Graphic Novels
Andrea Ucini, Unpublished*
Mario Wagner, Editorial
Manuja Waldia, Greeting Cards
Manuja Waldia, Unpublished
Michael Waraksa, Editorial
Neil Webb, Corporate Communications
Katja Weikenmeier, Unpublished
Taylor Wessling, Editorial
Joe Whang, Unpublished
Carl Wiens, Unpublished
Natalia Wilkoszewska, Unpublished
Ilene Winn-Lederer, Self-Promotion
Sara Wong, Covers
Taili Wu, Animation
Stephanie Wunderlich, Editorial
James Yang, Posters
Ji Hyun Yu, Self-Promotion
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers
Francesco Zorzi, Posters

Honorable Mention

Gert Albrecht, Packaging
Joe Anderson, Unpublished
Giacomo Bagnara, Editorial
Giacomo Bagnara, Unpublished
Alexandra Beguez, Self-Promotion
Dan Bejar, Editorial
Kate Belle, Self-Promotion
Bellebrute, Posters
Roberto Blefari, Editorial
Katarzyna Bogdanska, Editorial
Katarzyna Bogdanska, Unpublished
Davide Bonazzi, Editorial
Mark Borgions, Gallery*
Joana Rosa Bragança, Self-Promotion*
Dieter Braun, Editorial
Dieter Braun, Gallery
Dieter Braun, Unpublished
Fabio Buonocore, Editorial
Pedro Burgos, Editorial
David Bushell, Unpublished
Michela Buttignol, Posters
Jill Calder, Editorial
Maria Carluccio, Self-Promotion
Andre Carrilho, Editorial
Giulio Castagnaro, Editorial
Angel Chang, Editorial
Christina Chung, Editorial
Mariya Chupilina, Self-Promotion
Livia Cives, Covers
Orazio Fabio Consoli, Posters
Cameron Cottrill, Editorial
Cristiana Couceiro, Editorial*
Mirko Cresta, Self-Promotion*
Sara Cunha, Gallery
Giovanni Da Re, Editorial
Owen Davey, Advertising
Owen Davey, Editorial
Alessandra De Cristofaro, Self-Promotion
Mai Ly Degnan, Gallery
Mai Ly Degnan, Greeting Cards
Mai Ly Degnan, Unpublished
Sally Deng, Gallery
Christopher Dickason, Editorial
Sandra Dionisi, Unpublished
Sean Dockery, Gallery
Lea Dohle, Covers
Richard Emberton, Self-Promotion
Logan Faerber, Gallery
Lisa Falkenstern, Self-Promotion
Jade Fang, Self-Promotion
Chris Ferrantello, Gallery
Sara Fratini, Gallery
Molly Gambardella, Three-Dimensional
Paul Garland, Editorial
Paul Garland, Posters
Felix Gephart, Books
Suzy Gerhart, Editorial
James Gilleard, Self-Promotion
Sara Gironi Carnevale, Self-Promotion
Lenka Globanova, Self-Promotion
Igor Gnedo, Posters
Igor Gnedo, Self-Promotion
Anna Godeassi, Editorial
Esther Goh, Fashion
Aad Goudappel, Corporate Communications
Aad Goudappel, Editorial
Patrick Gray, Self-Promotion
Juhae Haam, Books
Andrew Haviland, Self-Promotion
Heather Heckel, Editorial
Paul Hoppe, Editorial
Paul Hostetler, Self-Promotion
Oivind Hovland, Editorial*
Avalon Yangchen Hu, Self-Promotion
IC4Design, Covers
Janne Iivonen, Covers*
Janne Iivonen, Packaging
Sergio Ingravalle, Editorial
Sergio Ingravalle, Self-Promotion
Federico Jordan, Corporate Communications
Jamie Jones, Editorial
Blair Kelly, Packaging
Daria Kirpach, Editorial
Bailey Knudsen, Textiles & Patterns
Gabriela Larios, Self-Promotion
Marc Lariviere, Editorial
Raz Latif, Fashion
Dongjun Lee, Editorial
Ha Gyung Lee, Unpublished
Insu Lee, Self-Promotion
Vic Lee, Corporate Communications
Vic Lee, Unpublished
Christian Leon Guerrero, Self-Promotion*
Ricky Leung, Unpublished*
Liév, Sequential
Jianrong Lin, Fashion*
Yukito Lin, Books
Mu Ling, Unpublished
Jimmy Malone, Posters
Marco Marella, Self-Promotion
Tanya Marriott, Three-Dimensional
Vincent Mathy, Posters
Bill Mayer, Editorial*
Hayden Maynard, Editorial
Kevin McGivern, Gallery
Rosanna Merklin, Self-Promotion
Vassilis Mexis, Posters
Zach Meyer, Editorial
Fausto Montanari, Editorial
Miguel Montaner, Editorial*
Miguel Montaner, Self-Promotion*
Aya Morton, Posters
Mrs Trabozab, Comic/Cartoons
Muhammad Mustafa, Covers
Robert Neubecker, Editorial*
Nik Neves, Editorial
Nico189, Editorial
Nico189, Self-Promotion
Fonzy Nils, Editorial
James O’Brien, Editorial
Marta Pantaleo, Self-Promotion
Helena Perez Garcia, Self-Promotion
Daria Petrilli, Self-Promotion
Valeria Petrone, Editorial*
Emiliano Ponzi, Covers
Fe Riske, Posters
Duncan Robertson, Advertising
Grace Robinson, Unpublished
Christine Rösch, Editorial
Emily May Rose, Gallery
Bailie Rosenlund, Self-Promotion
Paola Saliby, Self-Promotion
Shunsuke Satake, Sequential
Alessandra Scandella, Animation
Jeremy Schilling, Self-Promotion
Rick Sealock, Editorial
Ashley Seil Smith, Editorial
Andrew Selby, Posters
Marta Sevilla, Covers
Jhao-Yu Shih, Gallery
Lasse Skarbovik, Gallery
Lasse Skarbovik, Self-Promotion
Marek Skupinski, Covers
Sohyun, Unpublished*
Ileana Soon, Editorial*
Ileana Soon, Gallery*
Ileana Soon, Unpublished
Studio Takeuma, Corporate Communications
Studio Takeuma, Unpublished
Takahiro Suganuma, Books
Hala Swearingen, Gallery
Kati Szilagyi, Covers
Kati Szilagyi, Editorial
Jacqueline Tam, Editorial
Jacqueline Tam, Self-Promotion
Gary Taxali, Editorial
Yu Teng, Graphic Novels
Sebastien Thibault, Corporate Communications
Sebastien Thibault, Editorial
Sara Tyson, Editorial
Andrea Ucini, Unpublished
Julie van Milder, Posters
Rachel Wada, Editorial
Hubert Warter, Editorial
Kailey Whitman, Unpublished
Sara Wong, Unpublished
Terry Yang, Gallery
Zina Ye, Self-Promotion
Chloe Yee May, Editorial
Chloe Yee May, Unpublished
Jo Yeh, Editorial
Julia Yellow, Editorial*
Julia Yellow, Unpublished
Ji Hyun Yu, Self-Promotion
Amy Yung, Gallery
Francesco Zorzi, Posters