Professional Show Winners No.13: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our Professional Show that are reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.13. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site and will have their name listed in the printed Annual.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

Lucinda Schreiber, Animation


Coralie Bickford-Smith, Graphic Novels
IC4DESIGN, Advertising


Nik Neves, Books
Emiliano Ponzi, Books


Ellakookoo, Corporate Communications
Serge Seidlitz, Posters
Mark Smith, Books

Distinguished Merit

Diana Flores Blazquez, Three-Dimensional
John Hendrix, Books


Gary Aagaard, Gallery
Gert Albrecht, Corporate Communications*
A.Richard Allen, Books
Marion Arbona, Three-Dimensional
Tatiana Arocha, Corporate Communications
Phillip Ashworth, Posters
Dave Bain, Corporate Communications
Scott Bakal, Books
Anna & Elena Balbusso, Covers
Scott Balmer, Self-Promotion
Davide Baroni, Posters
Davide Baroni, Unpublished
Aviel Basil, Self-Promotion
Melinda Beck, Editorial*
Melinda Beck, Posters
Polly Becker, Three-Dimensional
Wesley Bedrosian, Editorial
Orit Bergman, Corporate Communications
Victor Beuren, Books
Stephen Bliss, Unpublished
Sishirprithvi Bommakanti, Advertising
Sishirprithvi Bommakanti, Unpublished
Federica Bordoni, Posters
Richard Borge, Editorial
Mark Borgions, Gallery
Corey Brickley, Animation
Daniel Bueno, Gallery
Thomas Burns, Unpublished
Andre Carrilho, Editorial*
Joao Carvalho, Unpublished
Q. Cassetti, Unpublished
Rosey Cheekes, Unpublished
Peihsiu Chen, Editorial
James Cohen, Editorial
James Cohen, Self-Promotion
Allison Cole, Textiles & Patterns
Cameron Cottrill, Editorial
Benedetto Cristofani, Editorial
Linus Curci, Unpublished
Christopher Darling, Self-Promotion
Cristina Daura, Comic/Cartoons
Owen Davey, Editorial
Roger De Muth, Unpublished
Nils-Petter Ekwall, Corporate Communications
Ellakookoo, Covers
Eitan Eloa, Unpublished
Joao Fazenda, Gallery
Chris Ferrantello, Gallery
Wendy Fox, Unpublished
Lisa Frühbeis, Editorial
Marly Gallardo, Editorial
Paul Garland, Editorial
Carlo Giambarresi, Editorial
Eric Giriat, Editorial
Eric Giriat, Fashion
Johanna Goodman, Fashion*
Aad Goudappel, Books
Aad Goudappel, Corporate Communications
Aad Goudappel, Covers
Aad Goudappel, Editorial*
Grafilu, Editorial*
Christian Gralingen, Books
Matthew Griffin, Editorial
Joey Guidone, Editorial
Eddie Guy, Editorial*
Olaf Hajek, Calendars
Takahisa Hashimoto, Advertising
Takahisa Hashimoto, Posters
Kevin Hauff, Self-Promotion
John Hendrix, Unpublished
Paul Hoppe, Advertising
Paul Hoppe, Self-Promotion
Oivind Hovland, Advertising
Rod Hunt, Advertising*
IC4DESIGN, Calendars
IC4DESIGN, Posters*
Iratxe, Editorial
Jordin Isip, Editorial
Jordin Isip, Gallery
Tom Jellett, Editorial
Dana Jung, Self-Promotion
Angela Keoghan, Advertising
Stella Koh, Unpublished
Alice Kolb, Corporate Communications
Alice Kolb, Posters
Suzanna Komza, Self-Promotion
Vitali Konstantinov, Graphic Novels
Cathy Kwan, Unpublished*
Marie Lafrance, Unpublished
Conor Langton, Posters
Joel Lardner, Animation
Haes Mu Ri Lee, Unpublished
Insu Lee, Covers
André Letria, Posters
Nick Levesque, Unpublished*
Jing Li, Editorial
Jo Fan Liao, Gallery
Pete Lloyd, Unpublished*
Jerry Lofaro, Unpublished
Charis Loke, Self-Promotion
Magoz, Animation*
Dan Marceau, Editorial
Marco Marella, Greeting Cards
Marco Marella, Self-Promotion
Léa Maupetit, Self-Promotion
Bill Mayer, Editorial
Bill Mayer, Unpublished*
Mike McQuade, Editorial
Meg Metzger, Self-Promotion
Wade Mickley, Unpublished
Monique Aimee Morin, Textiles & Patterns
Ian Murray, Gallery
Ian Murray, Packaging
Ian Murray, Self-Promotion
Nik Neves, Books
Beibei Nie, Advertising
Michael Nolan, Gallery
Colleen O'Hara, Unpublished
Martin O'Neill, Animation
Daron Parton, Advertising
Daria Petrilli, Self-Promotion
Valeria Petrone, Editorial
Valeria Petrone, Gallery
Ian Phillips, Calendars
Emiliano Ponzi, Animation
Emiliano Ponzi, Covers*
Emiliano Ponzi, Editorial*
Cristina Portolano, Comic/Cartoons
Andy Potts, Editorial
Chuck Primeau, Unpublished
Joseph Qiu, Self-Promotion
Bea R. Vaquero, Posters
Peter Ra, Self-Promotion
Anna Resmini, Covers
Cristiano Salgado, Unpublished
Merav Salomon, Editorial
Merav Salomon, Posters
Kimberly Salt, Self-Promotion
Francesca Sanna, Editorial
Dominick Saponaro, Sci-Fi
Stephan Schmitz, Editorial*
Jan Sedmak, Greeting Cards
Serge Seidlitz, Self-Promotion
Thom Sevalrud, Posters
Lasse Skarbovik, Gallery*
Mark Smith, Covers
Mark Smith, Editorial
Catarina Sobral, Editorial
Ileana Soon, Self-Promotion
Ileana Soon, Unpublished
Shanti Sparrow, Greeting Cards
Otto Steininger, Editorial
Dale Stephanos, Books
Dale Stephanos, Editorial
Dale Stephanos, Self-Promotion*
Katherine Streeter, Editorial
Ryo Takemasa, Covers*
Ryo Takemasa, Gallery
Ryo Takemasa, Greeting Cards
David Terrill, Unpublished
Mike Tofanelli, Editorial
Mike Tofanelli, Unpublished
Federica Ubaldo, Posters
April VanDeGrift, Packaging
Saara Vaniala, Gallery
Joseph Veazey, Corporate Communications
Joseph Veazey, Posters
Klaas Verplancke, Self-Promotion
Vigg, Posters
Jeff Wack, Advertising
Franziska Walther, Graphic Novels
Michael Waraksa, Editorial*
Michael Waraksa, Unpublished
Sam Ward, Self-Promotion*
Alice Wellinger, Posters
Michael Wertz, Gallery
Michael Wertz, Posters
Ian Whadcock, Editorial*
Carl Wiens, Editorial
Kristjana Williams, Corporate Communications
Jeremy Wilson, Comic/Cartoons
Christel Wolf, Unpublished
Stephanie Wunderlich, Books
James Yang, Editorial
Hideko Yasu, Calendars
I-Nu Yeh, Animation
Heidi Younger, Greeting Cards
Han-Yuan Yu, Unpublished
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers*
Natalia Zaratiegui, Editorial
Kejun Zhao, Self-Promotion

Honorable Mention

Gary Aagaard, Gallery*
Ahnjen, Editorial
Augusta Akerman, Textiles & Patterns
Gert Albrecht, Editorial
Gert Albrecht, Self-Promotion
Pablo Amargo, Posters*
Jungyeon An, Gallery
Mónica Andino, Editorial
Bjoern Arthurs, Unpublished
Phillip Ashworth, Self-Promotion
Robert Babboni, Unpublished
Chiara Baglioni, Self-Promotion
Giacomo Bagnara, Editorial
Anna & Elena Balbusso, Editorial
Angela Barbalace, Three-Dimensional
Karen Barbour, Unpublished*
Hanna Barczyk, Unpublished
Daniel Baxter, Unpublished
Polly Becker, Covers
Wesley Bedrosian, Editorial
Eva Bee, Editorial
Douglas Bell, Self-Promotion
Carmine Bellucci, Self-Promotion
Naama Benziman, Unpublished
Carin Berger, Books
Sue Blanchard, Greeting Cards
Jori Bolton, Editorial*
Sishirprithvi Bommakanti, Unpublished
Davide Bonazzi, Books
Davide Bonazzi, Editorial*
Richard Borge, Editorial
Joana Rosa Bragança, Self-Promotion
Corey Brickley, Editorial
Corey Brickley, Gallery
Daniel Bueno, Posters
Mikayla Butchart, Unpublished
Ivan Canu, Covers
Nan Cao, Unpublished
Andre Carrilho, Comic/Cartoons
Andre Carrilho, Editorial*
Robert Carter, Editorial
Q. Cassetti, Calendars
Isabel Castillo Guijarro, Unpublished
Roselyne Cazazian, Self-Promotion
Cryssy Cheung, Self-Promotion
Dayoung Cho, Unpublished
Christina Chung, Editorial
Francesco Ciccolella, Editorial
Livia Cives, Unpublished
Omri Cohen, Self-Promotion
Allison Cole, Self-Promotion
Allison Cole, Textiles & Patterns
Dallas Conte, Self-Promotion
Maria Corte, Editorial
Cameron Cottrill, Editorial*
Rob Cowan, Corporate Communications
Mirko Cresta, Self-Promotion
Benedetto Cristofani, Posters
David Croy, Covers
Paolo D’Altan, Editorial
Paolo D’Altan, Unpublished
Brian Danaher, Posters*
Chiara Dattola, Calendars
Chiara Dattola, Self-Promotion
Owen Davey, Editorial
Sandra De Matos, Covers
Mai Ly Degnan, Covers
Mai Ly Degnan, Unpublished
Anja Denz, Posters
Chris Dickason, Comic/Cartoons
Chris Dickason, Greeting Cards
Tony Dimauro, Gallery
Antoine Doré, Gallery
Zhihua Duan, Packaging
Jean-Manuel Duvivier, Editorial
John S. Dykes, Editorial
John S. Dykes, Unpublished
Leon Edler, Comic/Cartoons
Leon Edler, Editorial
Nils-Petter Ekwall, Editorial
Ellakookoo, Posters
Loryn Engelsman, Unpublished
Nathan Evans, Unpublished
Joao Fazenda, Editorial*
Joao Fazenda, Posters
Sarah Ferone, Editorial
Federico Fiorenzani, Editorial
Brian Fitzgerald, Books
Thomas Fluharty, Gallery
David Follett, Packaging
Riley Frambes, Unpublished
Tom Frey, Self-Promotion
G&Sans, Posters
Marly Gallardo, Unpublished*
Carlo Giambarresi, Editorial
Lamnho Giang, Self-Promotion
Eric Giriat, Advertising
Marek Głowacki, Covers
Igor Gnedo, Unpublished
Johanna Goodman, Fashion
Grafilu, Editorial*
Verónica Grech, Editorial
Katlyn Griffin, Self-Promotion
Matthew Griffin, Advertising
Irma Gruenholz, Self-Promotion
Eddie Guy, Editorial
David Habben, Editorial
Chad Hagen, Editorial
Takahisa Hashimoto, Corporate Communications
Takahisa Hashimoto, Editorial
Takahisa Hashimoto, Self-Promotion*
Takahisa Hashimoto, Textiles & Patterns
Heather Heckel, Three-Dimensional
John Hendrix, Editorial
Jerry Hoare, Self-Promotion
Mark Hoffmann, Self-Promotion
Paul Hostetler, Self-Promotion
Oivind Hovland, Editorial
Anna Hoyle, Self-Promotion
Risa Hugo, Self-Promotion
Rod Hunt, Advertising
Miles Hyman, Books
Miles Hyman, Books
Jordin Isip, Covers
Phillip Janta, Self-Promotion
Janny Ji, Editorial
Philipp Kaeser, Unpublished
Angela Keoghan, Covers
Angela Keoghan, Self-Promotion
Julia Kerschbaumer, Unpublished*
Margaret Kimball, Unpublished
Tim Kirby, Unpublished
Bartosz Kosowski, Editorial
Sabine Kranz, Books
Isabella Kung, Unpublished
Lacy Lamb, Editorial
Conor Langton, Gallery
Marike Le Roux, Comic/Cartoons
Haes Mu Ri Lee, Unpublished
Toby Leigh, Editorial
José María Lema, Covers
Jing Li, Comic/Cartoons
Jing Li, Editorial
Donghyun Lim, Covers
Jenn Liv, Editorial
Pablo Londero, Unpublished
Mike Lowery, Books
Ericka Lugo, Covers
Chris Lyons, Advertising
Chris Lyons, Corporate Communications
Malota, Covers
Tianhua Mao, Self-Promotion
Tianhua Mao, Unpublished
Marco Marella, Calendars
Léa Maupetit, Books
Bill Mayer, Editorial
Bill Mayer, Self-Promotion
Bill Mayer, Unpublished
Carly Janine Mazur, Gallery*
Peter McDonnell, Corporate Communications
Mike McQuade, Corporate Communications
Mike McQuade, Editorial
Javier Medellin Puyou, Corporate Communications
Vivien Mildenberger, Gallery
Ahwon Min, Books
Fausto Montanari, Unpublished
Miguel Montaner, Editorial
Sara Mulvanny, Covers
Alex Nabaum, Three-Dimensional
John Nickle, Unpublished*
Martin O’Neill, Advertising
James O’Brien, Editorial
Annabella Orosz, Unpublished
David Owens, Gallery
David Owens, Self-Promotion
Miguel Pang Ly, Editorial
Josh Patterson, Three-Dimensional
Daria Petrilli, Self-Promotion
Alejo Porras, Unpublished
Andy Potts, Sci-Fi
Dean Proudfoot, Self-Promotion
Joseph Qiu, Editorial
Fatinha Ramos, Editorial
Giovanna Ranaldi, Books
Mariana Rio, Editorial
Sylvia Ritter, Calendars
Tony Rodriguez, Editorial*
Isabella Maria Roth, Books
Merav Salomon, Graphic Novels
Francesca Sanna, Unpublished
Stephan Schmitz, Editorial*
Stephan Schmitz, Unpublished
Boris Séméniako, Editorial*
Tanja Semion, Books
Bruno Seys, Unpublished
Howie Shia, Animation
Shingo Shimizu, Posters
Lasse Skarbovik, Editorial
Lasse Skarbovik, Self-Promotion
Lasse Skarbovik, Unpublished
Keith Skeen, Posters
Rossi Skortcheva Donesky, Self-Promotion
Alisha Sofia, Unpublished
Ileana Soon, Self-Promotion
Shanti Sparrow, Self-Promotion
Carlo Stanga, Editorial
Otto Steininger, Unpublished
Ryan Stephens, Self-Promotion
Takahiro Suganuma, Covers
Antra Svarcs, Unpublished
Ryo Takemasa, Covers*
Ryo Takemasa, Gallery
Wenjia Tang, Editorial
Mitzie Testani, Editorial
Paul Thurlby, Self-Promotion
Daniela Tieni, Unpublished
Sue Todd, Advertising
Jean Tuttle, Unpublished*
April VanDeGrift, Gallery
Lisa Vanin, Editorial
Joseph Veazey, Packaging
Gary Venn, Editorial
Suana Verelst, Unpublished
Klaas Verplancke, Unpublished
Vigg, Unpublished
David Von Bassewitz, Calendars
Gizem Vural, Editorial*
Gizem Vural, Self-Promotion*
Martina Walther, Self-Promotion
Chih-Yung Wang, Unpublished
Michael Waraksa, Editorial*
Naomi Ward, Greeting Cards
Ian Whadcock, Self-Promotion
Carl Wiens, Editorial
Kristjana Williams, Three-Dimensional*
Alex Williamson, Packaging
Peichi Wu, Corporate Communications
Kaoru Yamada, Calendars
James Yang, Editorial*
Xiaohua Yang, Editorial
Ning I Yen, Advertising
Angelica Yiacoupis, Corporate Communications
Yeji Yun, Posters
Natalia Zaratiegui, Covers
Andrew Zbihlyj, Editorial
Daniel Zender, Editorial
Derek Zimmerman, Posters
Debra Ziss, Self-Promotion
Mario Zucca, Posters