No.12 Picture Book Show: Winners Announced

Intro: Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our professional show that are reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.12. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

Catarina Sobral, Children's Book Published


Page Tsou, Children's Book Published


Kate Hindley, Children's Book Published
Catarina Sobral, Children’s Editorial


Marion Arbona, Children's Book Published
Daniel Bueno, Children's Book Unpublished
Rongyuan Ma, Children’s Illustration Unpublished

Distinguished Merit

Marta Monteiro, Young Adult
Kelly Murphy, Children's Illustration Published
John Parra, Children's Book Published


Victoria Antolini, Children's Book Unpublished
Marion Arbona, Children's Book Published
Marion Arbona, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Maria Cecilia Azzali, Children's Book Unpublished
Jan Bielecki, Children's Book Unpublished
Silvia Bonanni, Children's Book Published
Jill Calder, Children's Book Published
Maria Carluccio, Children’s Editorial
Maria Carluccio, Children’s Miscellaneous
João Vaz De Carvalho, Children's Book Unpublished
Peihsiu Chen, Young Adult
Julien Chung, Children's Book Published
Julien Chung, Children's Illustration Published
Julien Chung, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Sara Corbett, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Nina Cuneo, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Sara Cunha, Children's Illustration Published
Mike Curato, Children's Book Published
Giovanni Da Re, Young Adult
Mai Ly Degnan, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Rob Dunlavey, Children's Book Published
Barry Fitzgerald, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Brian Fitzgerald, Children's Book Published
Jamie Hogan, Children's Book Published
David Hohn, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
IC4Design, Children's Book Published
Stacy Innerst, Children's Book Published
Andrea Innocent, Children’s Miscellaneous
Tom Jellett, Children's Book Published
John Joven, Young Adult
Eda Kaban, Book Covers
Katja Kamm, Children's Book Published
Angela Keoghan
, Children’s Miscellaneous
Jaime Kim, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Jean Kim, Children's Book Unpublished
Shahar Kober, Children's Book Published
Gee Eun Lee, Children's Book Published
Huang Ling Hsing, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Marta Madureira*, Children's Book Published
Kathleen Marcotte, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Larvol Marianne, Children's Book Published
Lauren Marriott, Children's Book Published
Sophia Martineck, Young Adult
Jessica Matthews, Children's Book Published
Jennifer E. Morris, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Kelly Murphy, Book Covers
Manica K. Musil, Children's Book Unpublished
John Parra, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Daron Parton, Children's Illustration Published
Valeria Petrone, Children’s Editorial
Natalie Pudalov, Children's Book Unpublished
Christine Rösch, Children's Book Published
Isabel Roxas, Children's Illustration Published
Amy Schimler-Safford, Children’s Miscellaneous
Cristina Spanò, Young Adult
Binny Talib, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Sue Todd, Children’s Educational
Klaas Verplancke, Children's Book Published
Klaas Verplancke, Children's Illustration Published
Chen Ying-Fan, Children's Book Unpublished
Yeji Yun, Children's Illustration Published

Honorable Mention

A.Richard Allen, Children's Book Published
Naama Benziman, Children's Book Unpublished
Orit Bergman, Children's Book Unpublished
Alon Braier, Children's Book Unpublished
Ed Briant, Children's Book Unpublished
Ed Briant, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Neil Brigham, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Marijke Buurlage, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Hsiao-Chi Chang, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Chu-Li Chen, Children’s Educational
Sally Wern Comport, Children's Book Published
Christopher Corr, Children's Book Published
Katherine Coulton, Children's Illustration Published
Alessandra De Cristofaro, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
David Dean, Book Covers
Evah Fan, Children's Book Unpublished
Tsahi Farber, Children's Book Published
Carolyn Fisher, Children's Book Published
Brian Fitzgerald, Children's Illustration Published
Claudine Gevry, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Liora Grossman, Children's Book Published
Monika Grubizna, Children's Book Published
Amy Hevron, Children's Book Published
Melissa Iwai, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Richard Johnson, Children's Book Published
Raaya Karas, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Terri Fry Kasuba
, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Jung Hwa Kim, Book Covers
Daniel Kondo, Children's Book Published
Gabriela Larios, Book Covers
Kathleen Marcotte, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Mirella Mariani, Young Adult
Shane Mcgowan, Children's Book Published
Melda Oncu Yildiz, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Isabel Roxas, Children's Book Unpublished
Amy Schimler-Safford, Children’s Miscellaneous
Connie Snoek, Children's Book Unpublished
Gaia Stella, Children's Book Published
Todd Stewart, Children's Illustration Published
Binny Talib, Children’s Illustration Unpublished
Binny Talib, Children’s Miscellaneous
Steven Van Hasten, Children's Illustration Published
Katia Wish, Children's Book Published
I-Wen Wu, Young Adult