Professional Show Winners No.16: Winners Announced

Below are the list of medal and merit winners from our Professional Show that will be reproduced in the 3x3 Illustration Annual No.16. Medal and merit winners must have received a majority of our judge’s votes; honorable mention winners must have had half of our judges’ votes for their entry. All medal, merit and distinguished merit winners will appear in the Annual print, digital, and online. Honorable mentions will be displayed online with direct links to the artist’s site and will have their name listed in the printed Annual.

Congratulations to all.

* denotes multiple pieces in category

Best of Show

Owen Davey, books & covers


Nick Levesque, unpublished
Aiste Stancikaite, self-promotion


Owen Davey, books & covers
Owen Davey, packaging
Annabel Keijzer, posters
Sonia Pulido, advertising


Giulio Bonasera, editorial
Arad Golan Coll, editorial
John Hendrix, books & covers
Annabel Keijzer, self-promotion
Lydia Nichols, animation
Erika Rossi, corporate communications

Distinguished Merit

Benedetto Cristofani, unpublished
Joseph Park, books & covers


Richard Abarno, three-dimensional
Davide Abbati, books & covers
Sam Alden, self-promotion
Cynthia Alonso, books & covers
Scott Anderson, editorial
Andrea Armstrong, children's illustration
Ana Bagayan, gallery
Scott Bakal, books & covers*
Scott Bakal, editorial
Scott Bakal, gallery
Scott Balmer, editorial
Scott Balmer, self-promotion
Natalya Balnova, books & covers
Balvis Rubess, books & animation*
Adrian Bauer, advertising
Andrea Bayer, unpublished
Lou Beach, unpublished
Melinda Beck, editorial*
Melinda Beck, posters
Douglas Bell, self-promotion*
Julie Benbassat, editorial
Naama Benziman, books & covers
Manuela Bertoli, unpublished
Yiyi Bian, unpublished
Marty Blake, unpublished
Lilla Bölecz, unpublished
Silvia Bonanni, books & covers
Giulio Bonasera, editorial*
Davide Bonazzi, editorial*
Davide Bonazzi, posters
Davide Bonazzi, self-promotion
Jens Bonnke, editorial
Mark Borgions, animation
Alexander Bostic, unpublished
Jim Bradshaw, self-promotion
David M. Brinley, gallery*
Brian Britigan, editorial
Brian Britigan, gallery
Nigel Buchanan, editorial
Daniel Bueno, books & covers
Daniel Bueno, corporate communications
Daniel Bueno, editorial
Mikayla Butchart, textiles & patterns
André Caetano, comics, cartoons, sequential
Taylor Callery, editorial*
Ivan Canu, books & covers
Jun Cen, editorial
Jun Cen, posters
Ladislas Chachignot, unpublished
Chun Chun Chan, ephemera
Angel Chang, editorial
Supitcha Chanthapreeda, books & covers
Michael Keith Chapman, unpublished
Amelia Chen, self-promotion
Lidan Chen, comics, cartoons, sequential
PeiHan Chen, unpublished
Matt Chinworth, editorial*
Doeun Choi, comics, cartoons, sequential
Eric Chow, editorial
Emily Chu, corporate communications
Julien Chung, children's illustration*
Julien Chung, self-promotion
Ece Ciftci, books & covers
Alfonso Cirillo, books & covers
Fernando Cobelo, books & covers
Tom Cocotos, unpublished
Allison Cole, children's illustration*
Allison Cole, textiles & patterns*
Sally Wern Comport, books & covers
João Concha, books & covers
Fabio Consoli, advertising
Fabio Consoli, editorial
Eduardo Corral, unpublished
Teresa Cortez, books & covers
Piero Corva, self-promotion
Reto Crameri, editorial
Giovanni Da Re, books & covers
Brian Danaher, posters*
Owen Davey, advertising
Owen Davey, editorial
Alessandra De Cristofaro, editorial
Edmon de Haro, editorial
Mai Ly Degnan, editorial
Mai Ly Degnan, unpublished
Alice Yu Deng, unpublished
Jialun Deng, self-promotion
Piotr Depta-Kleśta, unpublished
Kristof Devos, books & covers
Luca Di Battista, books & covers
Tim Durning, unpublished
Leon Edler, corporate communications
Gee Fan Eng, children's illustration
Lisa Falkenstern, self-promotion
Chiara Fedele, books & covers
John Ferry, advertising
John Ferry, unpublished
Ashley Floréal, unpublished
Enrico Focarelli Barone, posters*
Charlotte Fu, comics, cartoons, sequential
Charlotte Fu, self-promotion
Ignazio Fulghesu, self-promotion
Elizabeth Galian, animation
Federico Gastaldi, posters*
Joelle Gebhardt, books & covers
Rinat Gilboa, ephemera
Garth Glazier, gallery
Golden Cosmos, comics, cartoons, sequential
Golden Cosmos, editorial
Catarina Gomes, books & covers
António Jorge Gonçalves, books & covers
Aad Goudappel, corporate communications
Aad Goudappel, editorial
Aad Goudappel, unpublished
Mario Graciotti, editorial
Christian Gralingen, editorial
Christian Gralingen, self-promotion
Karen Greenberg, unpublished
Tyler Gross, posters
Joey Guidone, editorial*
Gee Hale, self-promotion
Eric Hanson, unpublished
Takahisa Hashimoto, advertising
Takahisa Hashimoto, self-promotion
Ed He, editorial
James Heimer, editorial
Joyce Hesselberth, books & covers
Jody Hewgill, editorial*
Cleonique Hilsaca, children's illustration
Mark Hoffmann, children's illustration
Mark Hoffmann, unpublished*
Sija Hong, self-promotion
Angela Hsieh, children's illustration
Kuri Huang, posters
Jacqueline Hudon, books & covers
Rod Hunt, animation*
Rod Hunt, corporate communications
Juliana Hyrri, comics, cartoons, sequential
IC4DESIGN, advertising
IC4DESIGN, books & covers
Sergio Ingravalle, books & covers
Carol Isern, unpublished
Lizzy Itzkowitz, textiles & patterns
Rachel Jablonski, unpublished
Sarah Jacoby, books & covers
Phillip Janta, posters*
Missi Jay, unpublished
WJ Jeon, three-dimensional
Rina Jost, self-promotion
Igor Karash, unpublished
Blair Kelly, packaging
Angela Keoghan, books & covers
Jinyoung Kim, unpublished
Vitali Konstantinov, comics, cartoons, sequential
Bartosz Kosowski, advertising
Bartosz Kosowski, editorial
Bartosz Kosowski, posters
Przemek Kotynski, editorial*
Przemek Kotynski, self-promotion
Anita Kunz, gallery
Ahra Kwon, books & covers
Emilie Leduc, books & covers
Deborah Lee, editorial
Leon Lee, self-promotion
Mikyung Lee, editorial*
Mikyung Lee, unpublished
Nan Lee, unpublished
Piotr Leśniak, editorial*
Hannah Li, children's illustration
Yuke Li, children's illustration
Chien-Ju Lin, editorial
Jianrong Lin, self-promotion*
Simo Liu, animation*
Simo Liu, self-promotion
Yadi Liu, comics, cartoons, sequential
Yadi Liu, unpublished
Manshen Lo, advertising
Manshen Lo, unpublished
Max Loeffler, editorial
Jeff Lowry, unpublished
Corinna Luyken, books & covers*
Ronan Lynam, unpublished
Ni Ma, posters
Xinran Ma, self-promotion
Clare Mackie, books & covers
Lars Madsen, self-promotion
Marta Madureira, books & covers*
Thoka Maer, animation
Stevie Mahardhika, self-promotion
Yushuo Mai, editorial
Diego Mallo, self-promotion
Zach Manbeck, self-promotion
Ellen Marello, self-promotion
Mark Matcho, self-promotion
Stuart McReath, advertising
Stuart McReath, editorial
Luc Melanson, editorial
Luc Melanson, unpublished
Eugenia Mello, corporate communications
Eugenia Mello, editorial*
Eugenia Mello, ephemera
Eugenia Mello, self-promotion
Kevin Mercer, unpublished
Fausto Montanari, self-promotion
Miguel Montaner, advertising
Miguel Montaner, editorial
Randy Mora, advertising
Randy Mora, packaging
Dave Murray, editorial*
Manica K. Musil, books & covers
Jacob Myrick, children's illustration
Jacob Myrick, editorial
Toshiki Nakamura, self-promotion*
Kati Närhi, books & covers
Natka Studio, self-promotion
Robert Neubecker, editorial
Ka Yu Ng, gallery
Lydia Nichols, self-promotion*
Sheila Nicolin, textiles & patterns
Avalon Nuovo, animation
Avalon Nuovo, books & covers
Avalon Nuovo, posters
James O’Brien, editorial*
Cat O’Neil, editorial
Cat O’Neil, unpublished
Soraia Oliveira, books & covers
Yuta Onoda, books & covers
Jade Orlando, books & unpublished
Engin Oztekin, posters
Jesse Pak, unpublished
John Parra, books & covers
Diego Penuela, unpublished
Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, books & covers
Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, editorial
Eric Petersen, editorial
Valeria Petrone, animation
Valeria Petrone, books & covers*
Valeria Petrone, editorial*
Scott Plumbe, books & covers
Filip Posivac, books & covers
Milja Praagman, books & covers
Sofia Pusa, books & covers
Nani Puspasari, self-promotion
Dede Putra, fashion
Dede Putra, self-promotion
Javier Puyou, corporate communications
Javier Puyou, posters
Fatinha Ramos, posters
Fatinha Ramos, self-promotion
Qiuyuan Ran, sci-fi
Dietmar Reinhard, gallery
Nicole Rifkin, unpublished*
Kenneth Rinkel, unpublished
Bene Rohlmann, editorial
Emilio Rolandi, editorial*
Emilio Rolandi, self-promotion
Kristin Roskifte, books & covers
Patti Ruan, unpublished
So A Ryu, self-promotion
Greta Samuel, comics, cartoons, sequential
Greta Samuel, editorial
Andrés Sandoval, books & covers
Leonardo Santamaria, editorial*
Leonardo Santamaria, gallery
José Manuel Saraiva, books & covers
Paul Scheruebel, self-promotion
Stephan Schmitz, editorial
Stephan Schmitz, self-promotion
Stephan Schmitz, unpublished
Rick Sealock, editorial
Matthias Seifarth, unpublished
Andrew Selby, posters
Simon Shaw, advertising
Simon Shaw, self-promotion*
Simon Shaw, unpublished
Ami Shin, books & covers*
Daniele Simonelli, editorial
Lasse Skarbovik, gallery
Lasse Skarbovik, packaging*
Mark Smith, books & covers*
Mark Smith, editorial*
Noa Snir, editorial*
Dale Stephanos, unpublished
CiCi Suen, comics, cartoons, sequential
Takahiro Suganuma, self-promotion
Melissa Sweet, books & covers
Steven Tabbutt, gallery
Elisa Talentino, editorial
Binny Talib, books & covers
Wenjia Tang, books & covers
Wenjia Tang, editorial*
Hilde Thomsen, editorial
Mike Tofanelli, editorial
Mike Tofanelli, unpublished
Pilar Torcal Moreno, self-promotion
Jo Tronc, Courtney Hopkinson, posters
Einar Turkowski, books & covers
Antonio Uve, editorial
Antonio Uve, self-promotion
Monika Vaicenaviciene, books & covers
Zoe van Dijk, editorial
Vanguard Works, books & covers
Juliana Vieira, children's illustration
Serena Viola, books & covers
Sharon Volpe, fashion
Gizem Vural, advertising
Natalie Waksman Shenker, books & covers
Natalie Waksman Shenker, editorial
Qieer Wang, animation
Xiaoxu Wang, unpublished
Michael Waraksa, editorial*
Michael Waraksa, unpublished
David Way, Nicholas Harris, Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, Simon Shaw, books & covers
Neil Webb, editorial
Joe Whang, self-promotion
Kailey Whitman, editorial
Weld Williams, animation
Jeremy Wilson, books & covers
Ilene Winn-Lederer, books & covers
Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze, books & covers
Chen Wu, posters
Yifan Wu, editorial
Alex Wucherer, self-promotion
Stephanie Wunderlich, self-promotion
Tania Yakunova, books & covers
Tania Yakunova, corporate communications
James Yang, editorial
Hsin-Yi Yao, unpublished
Hu Yu, books & covers
Ran Zheng, books & covers

Honorable Mention

Gary Aagaard, gallery
Gert Albrecht, self-promotion
Loris Francesco Alessandria, animation
Sonia Alins, posters
Julia Allum, advertising
Julia Allum, posters
Gurgen Aloian, self-promotion
Gurgen Aloian, unpublished
Cynthia Alonso, editorial
Ofra Amit, books & covers*
Jungyeon An, self-promotion
Soeun An, unpublished
Scott Anderson, editorial*
Casey Babb, unpublished
Scott Bakal, editorial*
Scott Bakal, posters
Scott Bakal, unpublished
Adrian Bauer, advertising
Oxana Bayra, sci-fi
Lou Beach, unpublished*
Melinda Beck, editorial
Melinda Beck, posters
Olivia Beelby, unpublished
Naama Benziman, books & covers
Carin Berger, books & covers
Lauren Simkin Berke, editorial
Lauren Simkin Berke, self-promotion
Manuela Bertoli, unpublished
Martine Bertrand, unpublished
Yiyi Bian, comics, cartoons, sequential
Josée Bisaillon, posters
Giulio Bonasera, editorial
Giulio Bonasera, self-promotion*
Davide Bonazzi, advertising
Davide Bonazzi, corporate communications
Jens Bonnke, editorial*
Mark Borgions, gallery*
Jim Bradshaw, self-promotion
Joana Rosa Bragança, packaging
Brian Britigan, editorial
Brian Britigan, unpublished
Yana Bukler, books & covers
Mikayla Butchart, editorial
Taylor Callery, editorial
Taylor Callery, gallery
Ivan Canu, books & covers
Ivan Canu, editorial
Haimeng Cao, sci-fi
Natalia Cardona Puerta, comics, cartoons, sequential
Natalia Cardona Puerta, self-promotion
Angel Chang, editorial
Kim Chen, packaging
Paohan Chen, self-promotion*
Wing Yan Vicki Cheung, self-promotion
Nancy Chiu, self-promotion
Eric Chow, editorial*
Julien Chung, self-promotion
Mike Ciccotello, books & covers
Fernando Cobelo, editorial*
Allison Cole, textiles & patterns
Sally Wern Comport, books & covers
Rob Cowan, editorial
Benedetto Cristofani, editorial
Riza Cruz, editorial
Ke Cui, editorial
Ke Cui, unpublished
Luca D'Urbino, unpublished
Giovanni Da Re, books & covers
Giovanni Da Re, editorial
Brian Danaher, posters
Owen Davey, posters
Alisha Davidson, unpublished
James Daw, books & covers
Nikko de Leon, unpublished
David Dean, books & covers*
Stephane Defago, unpublished*
Mai Ly Degnan, unpublished
Jialun Deng, editorial*
Marian Dilan, unpublished
Dana Duncan, textiles & patterns*
Alan Dunne, corporate communications
John S. Dykes, ephemera*
Chiara Fedele, books & covers
Nicola Ferrarese, editorial*
Nicola Ferrarese, posters
Ashley Floréal, gallery
Ashley Floréal, unpublished
Irena Freitas, editorial*
Charlotte Fu, editorial
Charlotte Fu, self-promotion
Olivia Fu, animation
Norbert Fuckerer, editorial
Magge Gagliardi, self-promotion
Paul Garland, self-promotion
Maria Gabriella Gasparri, self-promotion
Sue Gent, editorial
Rajorshi Ghosh, unpublished
Noa Gilhar, self-promotion
Golden Cosmos, editorial*
António Jorge Gonçalves, books & covers
Aad Goudappel, editorial
Mario Graciotti, editorial
Mario Graciotti, posters*
Karen Greenberg, packaging
Tyler Gross, advertising
Joey Guidone, editorial
Gee Hale, self-promotion
Christopher Harper, self-promotion
Kayla Harren, books & covers
Takahisa Hashimoto, self-promotion*
James Heimer, animation*
James Heimer, editorial*
Jody Hewgill, advertising
Cleonique Hilsaca, gallery
Jeff Hinchee, editorial
Jeff Hinchee, unpublished
Mark Hoffmann, books & covers
Paul Hostetler, editorial
Paul Hostetler, ephemera
Paul Hostetler, unpublished
Shih-Hsien Hsu, sci-fi
Kuri Huang, unpublished*
IC4DESIGN, books & covers
Vanessa Iddon, books & covers
Sergio Ingravalle, self-promotion*
Andrea Innocent, self-promotion
Lizzy Itzkowitz, textiles & patterns*
Rachel Jablonski, unpublished
Sarah Jacoby, books & covers
Phillip Janta, posters
Alice Jeong, unpublished
Heng Jiang, unpublished
Rina Jost, corporate communications
Rina Jost, self-promotion
Arom Ju, unpublished
Luisa Jung, unpublished
Cindy Kang, unpublished*
Igor Karash, self-promotion
Gwen Keraval, advertising
Monica Klasa, self-promotion
Monica Klasa, unpublished
Sarah Koch, gallery
Sebastian König, self-promotion
Przemek Kotynski, editorial
Anita Kunz, gallery
Ahra Kwon, editorial
Shannon Jahnel Lanktree, corporate communications
Emilie Leduc, self-promotion
Bernard Lee, books & covers
Deborah Lee, books & covers
Leon Lee, unpublished
Mikyung Lee, unpublished
Nan Lee, editorial
André Letria, books & covers
Nick Levesque, unpublished
Sean Lewis, editorial
Jing Li, unpublished
Meng Lian, unpublished
Sonia Ligorio, self-promotion
Chung Hsien Lin, self-promotion
Jianrong Lin, self-promotion*
Simo Liu, three-dimensional
Yadi Liu, unpublished
Yang Liu, editorial
Lole, books & covers
Nien-Ken Alec Lu, editorial*
Ronan Lynam, books & covers*
Ronan Lynam, packaging
Ronan Lynam, unpublished*
Lars Madsen, self-promotion
Thoka Maer, animation
Molly Magnell, unpublished
Weitong Mai, advertising
Weitong Mai, self-promotion
Julian (Julinu) Mallia, books & covers
Julian (Julinu) Mallia, editorial
Tim Marrs, animation
Mark Matcho, editorial
Mark Matcho, self-promotion
Eliska Mauleova, books & covers
Luc Melanson, unpublished
Hanna Melin, comics, cartoons, sequential
Eugenia Mello, editorial
Eugenia Mello, unpublished
Alé Mercado, comics, cartoons, sequential
Esteban Millan Pinzon, books & covers
Fausto Montanari, editorial
Miguel Montaner, editorial*
Ivan Montoya, unpublished
Sairom Moon, books & covers
Haleigh Mun, self-promotion
Joseph Murphy, unpublished
Manica K. Musil, books & covers
Christian Musselman, posters
Keiko Nabila, textiles & patterns
Toshiki Nakamura, self-promotion
Kati Närhi, posters
Natka Studio, animation
Natka Studio, self-promotion
Giulia Neri, unpublished
Robert Neubecker, books & covers
Robert Neubecker, editorial
Lydia Nichols, unpublished
Sheila Nicolin, unpublished
James O’Brien, editorial
Liam O’Donnell, self-promotion
Kate O’Hara, unpublished
Cat O’Neil, editorial
Lara Odell, editorial
Yuta Onoda, editorial*
Jennifer Orkin Lewis, books & covers
Jennifer Orkin Lewis, editorial
Adrian Oviedo, self-promotion
Ilona Partanen, books & covers
Enzo Pérès-Labourdette, editorial
Eric Petersen, editorial
Valeria Petrone, editorial
Peter Phobia, editorial
Luis Pinto, advertising
Giselle Potter, children's illustration
Kristy Prause, textiles & patterns
Qiké Quintero, unpublished
Fatinha Ramos, books & covers*
Fatinha Ramos, editorial
Qiuyuan Ran, self-promotion
John Rego, unpublished
Patrick Regout, gallery
Billy Renkl, unpublished*
Nicole Rifkin, unpublished
Fen Ro, books & covers
Fen Ro, self-promotion
Bene Rohlmann, editorial
Emilio Rolandi, editorial*
Emilio Rolandi, textiles & patterns
Erika Rossi, editorial
Sam Rowe, books & covers
Zigor Samaniego, three-dimensional
Greta Samuel, editorial
Bryant Santamaria, posters
Leonardo Santamaria, editorial*
Leonardo Santamaria, gallery
Gabriella Santiago-Vancak, unpublished
Shunsuke Satake, posters
Shunsuke Satake, self-promotion
Paul Scheruebel, self-promotion
Stephan Schmitz, editorial*
Rick Sealock, advertising
Thom Sevalrud, corporate communications
Thom Sevalrud, editorial
Simon Shaw, advertising
Simon Shaw, self-promotion*
Simon Shaw, unpublished*
Amber Shih, unpublished
Daniele Simonelli, books & covers
Sheida Sims, fashion
Lasse Skarbovik, gallery
Lasse Skarbovik, posters
Marek Skupinski, editorial
Mark Smith, editorial*
Noa Snir, ephemera
Marcos Sorensen, editorial
Shanti Sparrow, books & covers
Shanti Sparrow, packaging
Sharon Spitz, self-promotion
Katja Spitzer, books & covers
Mireille St-Pierre, self-promotion
Aiste Stancikaite, editorial*
Aiste Stancikaite, posters
Dale Stephanos, unpublished
Studi Tipi, corporate communications
Studi Tipi, ephemera
Jason Sturgill, packaging
Takahiro Suganuma, books & covers
Manuel Šumberac, self-promotion
Ya Yuan Sung, children's illustration
Tomoko Suzuki, books & covers
Tanja Szekessy, editorial
Elisa Talentino, posters
Jacqueline Tam, editorial
Wenjia Tang, editorial*
Mike Tofanelli, editorial
Mike Tofanelli, unpublished
Grace Tsai, unpublished*
Chin Tien Tseng, children's illustration
Andrea Ucini, editorial*
Ufficio Misteri, unpublished
Zoe van Dijk, editorial
Vanguard Works, corporate communications
Heather Vaughan, books & covers
João Vaz de Carvalho, posters
João Vaz de Carvalho, self-promotion
Erin Vest, unpublished
Tania Vicedo, editorial
Juliana Vieira, editorial
Sharon Volpe, fashion
Sharon Volpe, self-promotion
Liv Wan, self-promotion
Chuanjie Wang, comics, cartoons, sequential*
Po Shu Wang, self-promotion
Michael Waraksa, unpublished
Christine Wei, self-promotion
Xinxin Wen, self-promotion
Taylor Wessling, posters
Kailey Whitman, self-promotion
Evan Wolfe, unpublished
Peichi Wu, ephemera
Yifan Wu, editorial
Stephanie Wunderlich, editorial*
Liu Xiaoying, books & covers
James Yang, editorial
Ofelia Yang, books & covers
Hsin-Yi Yao, books & covers
Joohee Yoon, books & covers
Renee Zhang, self-promotion
Renee Zhang, unpublished
Jiaqi Zhou, editorial
Jo Zixuan Zhou, unpublished
Giulia Zoavo, advertising
Giulia Zoavo, self-promotion
Francesco Zorzi, editorial
Kelly Zou, self-promotion